What Julia's Best Ever Customers Say

Listening is such an important part of what I do; people's reactions to the foods I create help guide them to be the best I can make them, to be Julia's Best Ever. I know I've done it right when people take the time to post their views:

"Dates 'n almond butter" is my personal favourite. Julia has created such great flavours in every jar and I always look forward to new products she makes! Super tasty, very smooth and I will always recommend this product. So important to support amazing local businesses like Julia's Best Ever Inc.!!" - Carol Scott

"The name says it all. This is the best damn almond butter I've ever had! I seriously can't stop buying & eating it. Extra points that Julia is a total girl boss. Xo" - Cayley Humphreys

"Delicious Nut Butter! I have the jar at my office and when I need a sweet/savoury fix I will just eat a teaspoon right off the spoon - no bread or crackers required!" - Julie Layne

"really great product! glad you sell online since we forgot what store we found it at!" - Juliette Reid

"My wife an I love Julia's Best Ever Nut Butter. We have been extremely satisfied with quality and taste. Thanks Julia!" - Ali Mirkarimi

"Best nut butter ever!!!! I also am totally in love 😍 with the Granola. I am hooked!!!!! Looking forward to more new products" - Karen M 

I love to hear your thoughts about my products. You can contact me anytime right here.