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About Julia's Best Ever

I always thought food should be good in every way.  Good for you without compromising flavour, yummy without compromising healthfulness – good to eat any time, with just about anything…

My grandmother’s premature passing from breast cancer when I was still a kid sparked an enduring interest in the links between what we eat and our well-being.  As an adult - and luckily with a flair inherited from my grandfather who is an amazing chef from Italy - I wanted to find a way to make foods that your body will love as much as your taste buds will. 

I knew I had hit on something when friends and family just couldn’t get enough of an all-natural blend of roasted almonds, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chia and flax seeds, stevia and sea salt I had cooked up. No preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, nothing artificial.

With the encouragement of a quickly growing fan base, I decided to bring Julia’s Best Ever Almond Butter to the rest of the world - well, Canada for now!  

Today, my Almond Butter is available in smooth and crunchy varieties, and I’ve introduced Julia’s Best Ever Dates ‘N Almond Butter for those who like it a little sweeter.

Julia’s Best Ever is a name I hope you will come to trust for food choices that are good for you and taste great.

Enjoy in good health!

Julia Brown

Founder & CEO