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Julia's Best Ever Almond Butter Bark


Julia’s Best Ever develops innovative and fresh almond butters with unbeatable flavour and wholesome ingredients that make choosing healthy, guilt free, sustainable products for the whole family, simple.

Different From The Rest

"Amazing Almond butter!!! It's extremely creamy and has a sweet taste which is different than any other brands I've tried!!!"

Christine Scott

Just Bought Some and I Already Need More

"Bought two jars of Julia's Best Ever Almond Butter at Organic Garage and can not get enough of it! Will definitely be buying more!"

Steven Locilento

Simply the Best

"I just had some Chunky Nut Butter on my rice cake...yummm. Can't wait to try any new flavour you make...hoping chocolate is involved "

Noga Kashan

Our Ingredients

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